K.P.N. PACKING CO., LTD  is the cardboard box manufacturer which was established in October 1990. Almost two decades, we have been dedicating in our customers to reach their most satisfaction. Otherwise, we do care for our business and employees to create and produce the high quality of boxes. Seventy percent of our sales come from an export market and the rest serves the domestic one.  
       With a manufacturing capacity of over 1,000 tons a month and having more than 95,000 sq. ft. working area, we can make a several types of standard cardboard boxes which those are RSC, FOL, HSC , TSC , TRAY, WRAP AROUND or others
following client’s needs.
       Therefore, the technology of production – flexo In-line printers - and a QC system have been adopted and developed by ours to enhance box qualities (strength,
color control and shape maintaining.)
       However, a price is one of the most important issue which the customers concern. Our managements are an efficiency expert to lower a direct and indirect cost thus
a reasonable price is offered to all customers and prospects.
       We do dedicate to produce the best quality of cardboard box in order to support
your business to compete with others internationally.